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If you know me, you would know that I am obsessed with hygiene and when it comes to personal hygiene I am “paranoid obsessed”…lol. [Read More…]

Shopping Haul at Miniso Japan now at Menlyn Park ~/?x=entry:entry170816-075119 2017-08-16T07:51:19+00:00 2017-08-16T07:51:19+00:00

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I was so excited when I heard that there is a Miniso store opening in Menlyn Park; I just had to drag the whole family with me for the grand opening. [Read More…]

Flawless Foundation Routine - Makeup 101 ~/?x=entry:entry170715-031017 2017-07-15T03:10:17+00:00 2017-07-15T03:10:17+00:00


Almost every day I get asked by random ladies about “what products I use to get my skin looking so flawless and what foundation I use”. [Read More…]